Scientists saw a black hole eat a star and spit some of it back out for the first time ever


For the first time in the history of science, Researchers and scientists have spotted a start being swallowed up by a black hole and later on watched as some of the star’s matter was ejected back out as a flare of plasma moving at the speed of light.

Scientist have been witnessed the black hole eaten up the stars before and separately detected these suspicious jets of matter blasting out, but until now no one had been fast enough to link the two events and were never witnessed the two event in a sequence.

The lead researcher Sjoert Van Velzen from John Hopkins University said, “These events are very rare”. He added, “It’s the first time we see everything from the stellar destruction followed by the launch of a conical outflow, also called a jet, and we watched it unfold over several months.”

This observation is so exciting because it confirms the hypothesis what astrophysicists had predicted could happen when a black hole is force-fed a large amount of gas (in this case, a whole star) – a fast-moving jet of plasma can escape from near the event horizon.


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